Carrier Oils

Our Massage Oils are designed to be used on its own or as a base oil with your own blend of aromatic or essential oils.

Each Massage Oil has its own unique benefits.

Our products come in various sizes from 100 ml to 20 lt.

Blended Oils

Disposable Linen

Disposable Linen

Disposable Linen


Disposable Linen is a roll of linen 100 metres in length 80 cm wide, has oil and water resistant properties and is quite strong with a soft pleasant feel about it.

You become a massage therapist because you love interacting and sharing your gift with your customers – then you discover how much time you are spending doing the laundry.

Disposable Linen at R9* per bed is an inexpensive way to ensure a fresh bed for your customer – every time.

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