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Welcome to MassageOils.co.za:
Quality Massage Oils Delivered to you

Hi I am Abe Strauss. I am passionate about the massage industry. I started the internet business Massage.co.za with the intention of creating an internet business where the business focus will be on you, the massage therapist.

MassageOils.co.za is the new child of Massage.co.za. Massage.co.za has been bringing business to massage therapists countrywide since 2009.

MassageOils.co.za is my entry into the business of supplying students, schools, therapists and clinics with quality massage therapy products at the best possible price.

Get you massage supplies all at one place

It is my intention of creating a one stop shop that gives you value whether you are in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Pretoria.

We supply product to the whole of the country, even to the Natal Midlands!

Massage Carrier Oils, Draping linen, Toweling, Massage Beds, Massage Music, Effective Oil Removal Detergent etc. Anything that you the massage therapist need in providing your service, I will source and supply all in one convenient place. If I cannot do the best deal for you myself, I will find the best supplier for you and give their details to you.

This is early days still and I am building this business from scratch, so you will currently find a limited range of products. If there is anything specifically that you need for your practice feel free to contact me and I will do the searching for you.

Send me an email at info@massage.co.za.

This will help me quickly build a product range that satisfies your needs as a massage therapist.

Your new massage business partner

So make Massage.co.za your new business partner and MassageOils.co.za your supplier. With such a vast community that is passionate about the massage industry, you have come to the right place.

We are here to ensure you can do what you love, while we take care of everything else.