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Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almonds in the raw, before it becomes Sweet Almond OIi

Sweet Almond Oil Prices

MassageOils.co.za delivers quality Sweet Almond Oil in three volumes. View our prices below:
500 mlR 154
1 ltR 200
5 ltR 800
20 ltR 3 500

Why Sweet Almond Oil is a Good Carrier Oil

Sweet Almond Oil is pressed from The Almond Tree and acts as versatile carrier oil. It is light in color, neutral in smell and owns excellent moisturizing properties. It can be used as a base when adding your choice of aromatic or essential oils. The Almond Oil is very popular for it can be used for almost all skin types, as well as for sensitive skin.

The body massage oil is especially soothing for dry skin, due to the Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins A, B and E the oil contains. The Vitamin E in the oil can protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet lights, therefore preventing cell damage.

Sweet Almond Oil maintains the skin’s tone, keeps the PH of the skin at normal level and has Anti-ageing benefits. It is also an excellent oil for massage, due to its delayed absorption properties.

The amount of natural sweet almond oil you use when practicing a full body massage varies in terms of the size of the body being massaged and the dryness of the skin, but you usually may need about 30 ml of the carrier oil.

The Benefits of using Sweet Almond Oil for the skin:

• An Improved complexion and radiant glow after a massage.
• A well-nourished skin, thanks to the deep moisturisation.
• Reduced Wrinkles and Fine Face Lines
• A Less Agitated and Revitalized Skin

Tips to remember when using Sweet Almond Oil as a massaging oil:

Sweet Almond Oil is ideally suited for aromatherapy, massage, and any other general skincare purposes. Its versatility is impressive among skin types, but Sweet Almond Oil should not be used on clients who are allergic for nuts. It does not require refrigeration, yet it is recommended to store the carrier oil in a cool, dark place. Use the Sweet Almond Oil within 1 year of opening.

This natural, anti-ageing and deep moisturizing oil is very versatile and works for most skin types. To buy your favorite volume of Sweet Almond Oil, go to our contact page to order your Sweet Almond Carrier Oil today.

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