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Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil is made by the same Grapes as wine.

Grape Seed Oil Prices

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500 mlR 87
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Grape Seed Oil as a Carrier Oil

Nature gifts us with natural sweet delicacies such as grapes. Through time we have enjoyed sophisticated wines made from those grapes. These same grapes’ seeds can be cold-pressed to make natural grape seed oil.

Grape Seed Oil is an excellent body Massage Oil



Grape Seed Oil is good for the skin.

The high percentage of Linoleic Acid within Grape Seed Oil helps to create a healthy oil balance in the skin. Grape Seed Oil also acts as an antioxidant and holds a bit of anti-inflammatory properties, assisting the healing of Acne.

The Antioxidants within Grape Seed Oil, helps making skin feel and look younger. The oil increases the elasticity of the skin which shows lines less prominently. It protects the skin against sun-damage, should you be looking to branch your massage business to the beach.

How to use Grape Seed Oil as a Massaging Oil

When it comes to Grape Seed Oil, a little goes a long way. It is a great carrier oil and can be mixed with different essential oils to get your preferable blend or be used on its own. The oil glides easily over the body and the natural properties leaves the skin nourished as well. The oil has a light feel and does not irritate sensitive skin. With Grape Seed Oil’s astringent properties, the skin’s pores will not be clogged during the massage session. An added benefit of using Grape Seed Oil is that the skin is not left with a greasy feeling afterwards.

We know therapists each have their own preference for a carrier oil for the skin. Each choose their oil for massaging for various reasons. Therefore we aim to explain the different benefits that carrier oils can give your skin when being used. I suggest you try out a few body massage oils and see what works best for you. See also the benefits that Sweet Almond Oil can give you.