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About Us

Hi, I am Abe Strauss

It took me forty years and lot more lessons to finally find my passion in life and it all comes together with Massage.co.za. Massage.co.za is a marketing platform for Massage Therapists and MassagOils.co.za is in partnership with Massage.co.za.

MassageOils.co.za supplies Massage Oils for Therapists

I am on this earth, because…

I want to use my business knowledge from my Chartered Acountancy background to keep Therapists focused on the business they love – The business of Massage. Massage.co.za combines my love for massage, for the internet and my creative talents, to bring you the necessary massage supplies and advertising you need to function as a massage business.

MassageOils.co.za, MassageBed.co.za and MassageMusic.co.za is my new ventures to expand Massage.co.za’s services in the future.

And the first venture is here.


Massage oils delivered to you